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Next Step Fisher makes quality fishing and sports apparel at an affordable price, as well as making an investment into improving our communities.  It is our goal to
employ former inmates and/or parolees of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in our manufacturing process. We are not a state-owned company, but a privately owned entrepreneurial endeavor to reduce recidivism and restore dignity.


It is the belief of Next Step that:  "We are all either a part of the problem or part of the solution".

We have chosen to be a part of the solution. It takes over $62,000 dollars a year of tax payer's money to incarcerate one inmate and after years of incarceration, he/she is placed back into society without any means of providing for themselves or their families. Therefore we offer support through employment and a supportive environment to assist parolees in their transition back into society.  We want to give people a chance to change their lives and let them know they are welcomed and needed, as well as making an investment into improving our communities.  


Next Step Sports is a great contributor to local and national schools. The program is very simple. For each order your school places with NSS we will return twenty-five percent of the profits back to the school. It is the sole discretion of the school administration on how or where the money is distributed. 

We have schools that have decided the money should be used for the specific program that places the order. Thus, if the school ordered softball uniforms then the money coming back to the school should be allocated to the sports program or specifically to the softball team.


This money can be used for any number of funding opportunities; it can be used for equipment purchases, scholarship funds, field trips, group projects. It is totally up to the school to decide what or how they would like to use the Community Give Back funds.


We at Next Step Sports are a firm believer in:


No one can do everything, but everyone can do something and we firmly believe in making our contribution.  


$100.00 order, 40% profit = $40.00, 25% of the profit = $10.00 returned to your school. 

The following page will give you a sample of the schools we service.

Sincerely yours,

Next Step Sports